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Yemen is the origin of Coffea Arabica, which derives its name from Qahwa Arabiyah. For centuries, Yemen was the world’s only source of coffee which was exported from the port of Al Makha and which permanently lent the name Mocha to the coffee of Yemeni origin.

In Yemen, the community is concentrated in the capital, Sana’a, and spread across the villages along the stepped terraces of the rural mountains of Haraaz.


Mocha is famous for being the major marketplace for coffee (Coffea arabica) from the 15th century until the early 18th century. Even after other sources of coffee were found, Mocha beans (also called Sanani or Mocha Sanani beans, meaning from Sana’a) continued to be prized for their distinctive flavor—and remain so even today.

Introducing modern post-harvesting techniques and processes, implementing globally accepted standards of grading and classification, developing systems of fair trade and traceability, and adopting the highest technology in every business process is the modest tribute to this splendid coffee heritage and the out responsibility to our discerning coffee consumers.

Organic Farming
Still farmed with traditional farming methods, Mocha coffee is planted, picked, and sorted by hand and sun-dried on rooftops to preserve the best of nature.

100% Yemeni coffee
The policy of purchasing only dried coffee cherries by our co-op; guarantees that Mocha Coffee consists of 100% authentic Yemeni coffee. Yemeni farmers preserve a coffee industry that dates back to ancient times to transform beans from the mountains of Haraaz into coffee sold in trendy coffee shops in North America. 

Quality Standards
The green beans are graded as per SCAA Arabica Green Coffee Standards.

Flawless Beans
Modern hulling equipment and careful cleaning deliver uniformly sized whole beans free of defects and impurities, guaranteeing a consistent roast which results in a rich and wholesome flavor. 


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