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Grade: AA+/PB

Screen: 15+


Farmer: Traceable, Sharqi Haraaz Region


Varietal: Mainly Jaa'di


Process: Hand-picked, sun-dried on raised beds, natural process. Cleaned as per SCA standards for Specialty Grade Green Arabica Coffee


Sensory Notes: Brown sugar, hazelnut, cane juice, chocolate


What is Haraaz-FairValue Coffee?

Coffee purchased directly from farmers in Haraaz according to our 'FairValue Coffee Purchasing System', in the form of dried coffee cherries. It is traceable to the Sharqi Haraaz sub region, where various collection centers receive coffee from the cluster of villages around them. The coffee is dry-processed in our co-op mill in Sanaa.

Mocha Haraaz (Green Coffee Beans)

PriceFrom $9.50
Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Delivery
$9.50every month until canceled
Bi-Monthly Delivery
$9.50every 2 months until canceled
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