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Grade: AA+/PB

Screen: 15+


Farmer (Single Origin): Blend of Yemeni dried coffee cherries, purchased from traders in principal markets, and dry-processed at our co-op mill in Sanaa, Yemen


Varietal: Various heirloom varieties


Process: Hand-picked, sun-dried on raised beds, natural process. Cleaned as per SCA standards for Specialty Grade Green Arabica Coffee


Sensory Notes: Brown sugar, coconut, grapes, herb-like


What is Mocha Yemeni? 

Workhorse coffees of reliably good quality purchased as dried cherry and milled in Sana'a at our facility. These coffees are a blend of different types and grades of coffees and have limited traceability but a classic Yemen profile.

Mocha Yemeni (Green Coffee Beans)

PriceFrom $7.60
Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Delivery
$7.60every month until canceled
Bi-Monthly Delivery
$7.60every 2 months until canceled
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