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Roast: Medium Dark


Tasting Notes: Fruity flavor with brown sugar, coconut, and grapes; mellow and sweet with fruit acidity.


Recommended brewing method: Espresso, Drip Filter, French Press or any method you prefer to brew your coffee.


What is Mocha Yemeni? 

Workhorse coffees of reliably good quality purchased as dried cherry and milled in Sana'a at our co-op facility. These coffees are a blend of different types and grades of coffees and have limited traceability but a classic Yemen profile.

Mocha Yemeni (Roasted Coffee Beans)

PriceFrom $14.25
Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Delivery
$14.25every month until canceled
Bi-Monthly Delivery
$14.25every 2 months until canceled
Quarterly Delivery
$14.25every 3 months until canceled
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