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We are unavailable from July 3rd until July 22nd. Orders will be shipped on July 23rd.

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Honest Mocha

The perfect mix of skill and tradition in every cup

Our coffees may have chocolate notes, but there is no added sugar or chocolate to our hand-picked, naturally processed, and organically cultivated coffee beans.

Mokha (Arabic: المُخا, romanized: al-Mukhā), also spelled Mocha, or Mukha, is a port city on the Red Sea coast of Yemen. Mokha was the principal port for Yemen's capital, Sanaa. Long known for its coffee trade, the city gave its name to Mocha coffee

Source: Mokha - Wikipedia

Treat Yourself

Rich Flavor! Authentic Taste!

Yemeni farmers have preserved a coffee industry that dates back to ancient times. Transforming beans from the mountains of Haraaz into coffee that WE bring to you! 


Our Coffee is 100% authentic - processed (natural) from dried coffee cherries purchased directly from farmers in Yemen. 

Be a part of this Rich and Engaging heritage from Yemen!

Starting from 7$

Coffee Organically Grown
and Traditionally Produced in
Haraaz mountains in Yemen 


Honest Mocha

Honest Mocha represents something rare, fine, admirable and valuable with complete traceability. We aspire to bring you Yemen coffee, Pearls of Yemen,  from local farmers in Yemen to your household upholding fairness and transparency. Not only does this help benefit the farmers economically but also brings socio-economic reforms in the impoverished country by eradicating “qat” plantations (a narcotic plant).


Our policy of purchasing only dried coffee cherries guarantees the Mocha Coffee consists of 100% authentic Yemeni coffee. Our green beans are graded as per SCA Arabica Green Coffee Standards.



Take Away Coffee

Emily Johnson

I've ordered this coffee twice now. I'm finding it to be a lovely, complex flavor that seems to start out fruity and end smoky. I use a French press and grind the beans myself. This coffee is good with with chocolate and also with a hint of orange peel. Plus, the Yemeni farmers get a fair price for their product. So what's not to love?

Barista Making Drip Coffee

Douglas V

This bean is packed with deliciousness at any roast level. Very fruity at a light roast but our favorite was medium roast with some caramelization on the beans. We let it rest a minimum of 72 hours which aided in developing the flavor profile. Definitely, one of the best examples of Yemeni coffee we have ever roasted.

Woman Holding Coffee Cup

Janell Kircher

This coffee is so delicious I didn’t need to add cream or sugar - it’s got sweet and high notes with very little acidity so it’s flavorful yet mild, and can stand on its own. I just love this coffee!

Supporting a Vision


Honest Mocha is committed to pay fair price to the farmers and trade directly with the farmer cooperatives via our partner in Yemen, to develop sustainable agriculture and long-term health for the Yemeni mountain communities. By sourcing the coffee directly from our co-op who in-turn sources it directly from the farmers, we play a crucial role in bringing the Yemeni coffee directly to the consumers.


Farm To Cup

From our Farms to your cup! Yemen Specialty Coffee – Green Coffee Beans and Roasted Whole Coffee Beans.

Making Coffee

100% Arabica

Haraazi coffee cup is clean, sweetly fruited, and potent. The dry fragrance intense rustic sweet spice notes, layered with fruit noted of natural dried apricot, peach, and almond.

“An Endless Story of Discovery!” 

- Yemeni Coffee -